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Pastoral Care

At Marsh Green Primary School, we aim to provide the highest quality pastoral support throughout the school. Working collaboratively, all staff ensure the nurturing ethos is embedded throughout. In June 2017, we were awarded the National Nurturing School award, this was a fantastic achievement, making us the first school in the North West to earn this and the second school in the country.

Our dedicated pastoral team members include: Mrs J Weatherston, Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs D Lowry and Mrs J Hervey. The aims of the support team are to provide provision that meets the differing needs of all children, so that each child is equipped with life skills, enabling them to live fulfilling lives. To maintain an atmosphere that is safe, secure and predictable. Specialised counselling is also provided for children who have struggled with; bereavement, relationship breakdown, managing feelings, separation and anxieties and worries.

There are several interventions that are implemented to support children’s social, emotional and academic learning, including Nurture Group, Muddy Monday, Therapeutic Workshops and lunchtime clubs. The pastoral team respond to situations that may arise during the school day, yet reassuring parents that their children are being educated in a safe and nurturing environment. Whilst offering support within the wider community, assisting parents with external support, providing a ‘food boutique’, parent drop-ins and having a general open-door policy. Parents and carers are given the opportunity to be sign-posted to outside services, for appropriate provision and support.

The pastoral team are available before and after school each day, we can be found on the school yard or call in to the school office and ask to speak with Mrs A Hamilton.

The Meadow Green Room

The Meadow Green room is a small supported class of up to twelve children, situated in the heart of Marsh Green Primary School. The Meadow Green Room became established in 2004 and has grown from strength to strength in providing a safe and secure base, for all children’s social and emotional and academic needs. The groups are organised and run by two highly skilled adults – Mrs Weatherston and Mrs Lowry, and pupils can attend at lunch time or for a substantial part of each week. Within the nurture group we focus on several strands, which develop; emotional and social development skills, intrapersonal skills as well as academic progress. Pupils remain on the mainstream class roll with an expectation that they will return to the class within two to four terms.

The Meadow Green room includes different spaces to reflect the combination of a domestic and more formal learning environment. The Meadow Green room is carefully arranged to include both a classroom and a home environment. The nurture room includes a kitchen, a breakfast table, living room area, a role-play area, a quiet area and a work area.


  Meadow Green Room Morning Timetable
8.55am Collect children from their mainstream class
9.00am Children sign in


Welcome Time / Helping hands start to make breakfast
9.15am Breakfast Time
9.30am Relaxation Time
10.20am Story Time
10.30am Group Activity
10.45am Group Activity
11.15am Free Choice
11.30am Goodbye Time
11.40am Children are taken back to their mainstream class


  Meadow Green Room Afternoon Timetable
1.45pm Collect children from their mainstream class
1.55pm Children sign in


Welcome Time
2.00pm Helping hands start to make breakfast
2.15pm Afternoon Tea Time
2.30pm Relaxation Time
2.35pm Story Time
2.45pm Free Choice
2.50pm Goodbye Time
2.55pm Children are taken back to their mainstream class


Muddy Monday And Torrential Tuesday

What is Muddy Monday and Torential Tuesday?

The idea for Muddy Monday is based on the Wellie Wednesday idea.

Muddy Monday is a personal and social education programme that focuses on the children's individual needs which have been identified using the Boxall Profile tool.

Muddy Monday is an outdoor environmental experience where children enjoy and appreciate working in the school garden developing thinking skills, working within a positive group and experiencing social, physical and cognitive challenges.

 Through introducing the children to working outside in the garden we are hope they will experience moments of awe and wonder.

 We hope that Muddy Monday will broaden the children's horizons and raise aspirations.

How will we identify the children?

 The children will be identified by their class teacher.

 A Boxall profile will be completed by the class teacher.

 We will review the Boxall profile termly.

What will happen in the sessions?

Time table

 Setting up tents - When the children arrive in the garden they will set up their tents and put their belongings into the tent.

 Self-registration - The children will sign in. Putting a pebble on the coloured stepping stone that best suits how they are feeling.

 Welcome time – we will go around in a circle and check in saying how we are feeling and what we have been up to and how we have been getting on in class.

 Helping hands - 1 helping hand will be picked to make afternoon tea for everyone in the group. This will be done whilst everyone else is participating in welcome time.

 Afternoon tea – The children will sit together and enjoy eating food together and having a conversation with their peers.

 Relaxation – The children will take part in a mindfulness activity and then go and spend time in their tent where they can colour, read, lay quietly etc (helping them to develop self-soothing)

 Group – The children will take part in a range of activities from planting to painting.

 Story time – The children will sit, relax and listen to a story.

 Regrouping – The children sit in a circle and say whilst we have been together I have enjoyed and how they are feeling at the end of the session.

 Taking tents down – At the end of the session the children will take the tents down and their belongings together for the next session.

Coffee Mornings

Each Friday we hold a coffee morning, this enables us to chat with parents in a comfortable setting. Parents are welcome to discuss any issues that they may be facing; either at home or at school.

There is also a coffee morning held at St Barnabas’ church, where parents can be signposted to other community links, or discuss any problems within the local area.



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