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Welcome to Year 6


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Moving on Information

Exciting Times

Well its nearly here - the time when you will leave Marsh Green Primary and move onto your new secondary school. It is normal to feel sad to leave and a little bit scared of the unknown but also excited for this new chapter in your life. Everyone older than 12 has done this before so don’t feel you are alone.

You will have lots of memories to take with you and lots of skills that you have learnt.  Just remember when you started primary school you probably couldn’t read, write or add two numbers together – now look at what you can do.  So don’t worry about what you don’t know yet – focus on what you do. Achieve, Believe and Celebrate!

This is a great guide to watch – secondary pupils will show and tell you all the tricks they used to help them and answer many of your questions.


Things you may be worried about – Answers to help.
Getting to school – Whether you plan to walk, ride a bike or get the bus, practise your route and make sure you know how long it takes so you wont be late.
Wearing a new uniform – Wear your new uniform with pride – you will look really smart and don’t forget to visit us and show us!

Getting lost - don’t worry there will be lots of people there who you can ask where things are and you will be given a map to follow.

Meeting new children – they will all have the same feelings as you but may show them in different ways.  You will make new friends, even if this takes a little time.

Meeting new teachers – they are human!! They may appear scary at first but they are there to help you learn.  Just remember to ‘show good manners at all times’.

Learning new teachers’ names - no one will expect you to know them straight away, remember they have lots of new names to learn as well.

Learning the rules of the school – if you follow our diamond rules you will be fine, they will be very similar and you can learn new rules in time.

Learning about the timetable – just follow it in the same way you read our timetable in class.
Carrying equipment around all day – make sure you practise carrying your bag when it is full, to make sure you can!

Having the right books and equipment  - Be organised and look after your belongings.  Make sure you pack your bag the night before when you are not in a rush to get out of the door.

Learning new subjects – most of the subjects you will have done before but maybe not called it by that name.

Finishing Homework – there will be more homework but make sure you write down the work you need to do and complete when you get it, don’t leave it until the day its due in.

If you have any other worries then ask. You could ask your parents, ask someone at Marsh Green or at your new school by phoning or writing an email.  We will do our very best to arrange to meet every child from Year 6 before they go off to high school just to reassure them and answer any questions.

Even if we don't officially return to school before then, we will find a way.

This is a new adventure – ‘Be the best you can be!’


Check out your new school’s website by clicking on the link below…

Shevington High

St John Fisher

Dean Trust


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